2003 Reg. APHA Blue Roan Overo
We're calling this very soft and sweet mare Sophie.  Emily has
decided that Sophie is her horse and I think Sophie agrees.  Emily is very

oppinionated concerning "HER" Sophie.  There is no doubt in her mind that there

is NO horse better than Sophie and nothing is too good for Sophie.  Emily also

doesn't share well when it comes to Sophie.  It seems she is the only one allowed

to work or ride her.  It has been several years now since Sophie has joined our family.
Sophie is still very much ONLY Emily's horse.

We have had Sophie DNA tested with the following results.

E/E - homozygous Black ( no red base foals)
a/a - homozygous Non-Agouti (true black not brown)
N/N - for Overo (no lethal white foals)
Heterozygous for Sabino (she's not a true Roan)
t/t - negative for Tobiano
N/N - for HERDA
N/N - for HYPP


4/30/2011 Bay Tobiano Filly double Reg. APHA and PtHA

Ciara(KEER-rah) is what we call this beautiful filly. She is handled on a daily basis so

she leads, ties, grooms, picks up feet, etc... Ciara was sent out for professional training.
She now has a very solid base to expand from. She is a very sensible mare with LOTS of potential.

Ciara stands at a solid 15.1 hands making her the perfect height for just about anything.

Ciara should be able to show a multitude of events from Western to Dressage

to H/J. She should also easily qualify for full registration with the American

Warmblood Society.



1998 Reg. Gray AQHA

Cinnamon is another home bred mare.  She is foundation on the bottom and
racing stock on the top.  Cinnamon is very laid back and serves regularly as a
lesson horse for terminally ill/physically challeged and beginner children.     

Please welcome our first official foal of 2013.

Chestnut(for now) Tobiano filly born 4/23/13

We're still working on a registered but her barn name is E.

Designated EZ Rider aka EEE now has her very own person! We are pleased to Welcome

Casey and her family to the Barefoot Farms Family.

These pictures do her NO justice at all.

Jojos Cheyenne

2000 Reg. APHA Red Dun Tobiano

  She is willing and sensible.  She is an awesome trail horse. 

We took Josie on a couple of trail rides recently. 

We were very pleased with her willingness and her overall fantastic behavior.   Josie has

earned the right to a permanant home due her pleasant attitude and willingness to

learn.  It seems we have once again found a diamond in the rough.  I recently

returned from one of my trips to the Farm.  I had the great pleasure of putting

some time on Josie.  She was quite willing to ride out alone or with a buddy

and is naturally balanced at all 3 gaits.  I was greatly

surprised when I calculated her foundation blood considering the amount

of racing blood her pedigree carries.  Her foundation percentage according to

FHR rules is a whopping 98.4%.



APHA 2007 Dark Bay Roan Tobiano

She's Back!!! I love this Mare and really didn't want to sell her when we did.

Jessie stands right at 16.0 hands and is just stunning. She has 3

fabulous gaits to go with all that great "look at me" color.